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i am mixed with jawa plus melayu and i am proud to be a daughter of my mummy jutawan aka Wak Roza..

Sunday, April 22, 2012

live your life

life is to short..you only lives once..do what ever you want..proud to what ever you have..be confident..dont so sarcastic..be neutral..don be so typical..

changing trough experiences..

no matter what happen only Allah knew what is the best for you..

sometimes you on the top and sometimes you will at the down layer..be strong..

believe in faith.and you will survive..

mistakes will always you do but dont do the same mistakes..learn from it!!!

p/s : life must go on..hujan batu di negeri sendiri hujan emas di negara orang..lagi baek dinegeri sendiri..semangat kene kuat!!!