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Monday, March 26, 2012

i'm sorry

I know that you're gonna hate me
For saying these words right now
But I ain't got no choice
I just have to let it out
Cause you see lately something's

Changed in my mind
Seems the fire within me has died
I'm a stranger to myself, don't wanna feel this way
You're so sweet, so lovely
But even so I let go
I don't know
What's taking over me?
Your loving arms reach out for me
But even so I let go
I gotta find my way home
Baby I'm sorry even now you're here I'm lonely
I'm so selfish, I ain't worthy of your heart
Wait here, and watch me walk away
I'm sorry, here's the ending to our story
When we're close I still feel like we're worlds apart
I can't stay, cause with you baby
I'm so lonely
Baby I'm so lonely
You didn't create this problem
All of this is my own fault
I can swear to God that I've been ready to break up from the start
When you hold me I feel so out of place
I feel trapped I wanna run away
How come when I'm met by love it makes me weak and empty?
Cause I'm just another girl, who's tired of being lonely
I can't take it anymore goodbye
Cause I'm just another girl
Who's tired of it all
I just cannot stay cause with you baby
I'm so lonely,
Baby I'm so lonely,