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i am mixed with jawa plus melayu and i am proud to be a daughter of my mummy jutawan aka Wak Roza..

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


i tgh beduka lara..sedih..updating my blog will currently in rest mode..no update will be done from now..until i have the feeling to do the update..

sori for the convenience..tq for the support..but please keep nuffnaging my advertisement banner..

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Wanita Itu said...

amik masa kay..
rehat la dulu.. :)

Acomey said...

aku x phm pe yg ko sedih2 ni..cube cer sket..blaja dah nak grad..pe lg beb?!

ACIT said...

akak : akak tq for the support..
acom : ko selalu xde kt bilik..cmne nak cite..