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i am mixed with jawa plus melayu and i am proud to be a daughter of my mummy jutawan aka Wak Roza..

Monday, January 4, 2010


tq acom..for telling me that my url was wrong in my fb..haha..i baru perasan pas tgk ni td..haha..apela..haha..ish2..


supposedly my url is http://myownviewof.blogspot.com/..but actually the correct one is http://myonviewof.blogspot.com/..ye2 je i put it in my fb..thats y la i got komen dat they cannot link directly from my fb..hahah..sori la uols..huhu..i already corrected my link at my fb..now uols can directly go to my blog from my fb..hahaha..

i nk edit dlm setting blog..tp xjumpe2..da mls..i guna je url yg already i got now..hahaha..janji the title of my blog still ikut ape y i nk..hahaha..My Own View Of..