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Thursday, January 7, 2010

how can i..

stop talking nonsense to others..huhu..sumtimes i realize..i might said something that others no need to know..n they jz heard it at all..huhu..kesian others tu..sori..

from rite now..i talk only when it is needed..huhu..no more blabbing or something that others dont want to know ever..haha..


next time i tried to be the one who will listen others talk and just shut my mouth..haha..boley ke buat cmtu..huahua..i wil try that..cayok2..

in my view..bkan ape..kdg2 tu terasa cam bile ckp byk2..ckp bukan2..y tukang dgr tu cm da meluat dgr kot..yela..asek2 bnde y merepek2 je i ckp kn..kan2..huhu..


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