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i am mixed with jawa plus melayu and i am proud to be a daughter of my mummy jutawan aka Wak Roza..

Thursday, December 3, 2009


to my dear A.J..secret to happiness is acceptance..rahsia kebahagian adalah penerimaan..acit syg A.J so much..i tau u xromantik..so let me the one y romantik..writing on about our love story..that how i show my love to u..kan romantik name nye..if A.J x rase camtu..acit mintak ampun coz breaking ur heart..xde maksud pon nk malu kan u o so wat eva..i m hepi to write about us..to tell every one that we were in love rite no..we are hepi rite now..kan A.J kan..acit harap A.J jgn marah lame2 lg..perhatian y lebey dr A.J is needed for me..i need u be with me so much..if A.J btol2 xsuke about my writing on us..fine..after this acit xde tulis pasal A.J lg..no more entry about A.J..hermm..