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i am mixed with jawa plus melayu and i am proud to be a daughter of my mummy jutawan aka Wak Roza..

Sunday, November 22, 2009

vacation mode..

now i am on vacation mode..not going anyway for holiday..jz stay at my home sweet home..listening my mummy jutawan blabs..smiling with a kind of face to my hensem bro doing..talking to my embah wedok..waiting for my assistant(my lil sis) come back from her teacher's house..i need her to help me doing the house work..i am not forcing her..or.. to be bossy on her..i jz want her to learn how to do the house works..ha..ha..ha..the truth is that jz an alasan tok kerja i jd rigan sikit..hua3(gelak jahat)


today activity i do was watching the supernatural season 3 and season 4..from noon until nite..but.. i do others activity..i go to pasar malam with my bro at 6pm..buying some food for family and for my embah wedok who is fasting today..not to forget..i do blogging and facebooking..ha..ha..ha..

tomorrow..i need to do the housework as i have already promised to my mummy jutawan..doing that works with out my assistant somehow i feel malas la..xleh nk jerit2 mcm mak tiri..xsyok tau kalo bt keje kalo xjerit2 nih..kureng semangat plus rajin jadinye bile nk bt keje..ho..ho..ho..

in my view..bile cuti sem..i dok rumah saja..spent time wif my family..sort of???..sambil2 cuti tu praktis2 kn diri buat tugasan seorg housewife..haha..byk pekdahnye..xrugi..berbaloi2..sng nnti nk bile da ade rumah sendiri ngan hubby..keke..

p/s : xsabo nk jd mrs.A.J..tp bile la kan???hurm3..