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Sunday, November 8, 2009

my sleeping patner..

ah..since last entry..i had talked about a complicated entry..for today entry i would like to talk an easy going entry la pulak..i wanna to introduce to uols my sleeping partner..jeng2..siapakah beliau2 itu..wah..so many??..ahaks..

this for my head..amek bantal my mummy..huhu..

ni plak for pelok2 gitu..coz die lembik..

this one plak..i put it beside me..jd guide so x jatuh dr katil..jz let him y jatuh..huhu..

this teddy i put it on my head..i bought it at carefour mid..murah je..rm3.70..

ha..bentok ape nih..shit..besday present from acom..i put it at my leg when i sleep..for exercise..huhu..

kemas nye..katil sape la nih..

my bed arrangement..huhu..

in my view..i wanted to add more pillow on my bed..since my bed is small..i jz put 3 je pillows..huhu..my dream bed must be the king size..huhu..beso kan..boley golek2..plus bed sheet plak kaler purple..ah..my sleep will be the most sweet dream sleep..kueng2..pillow from kabung is good..keras but then make ur sleep most rest..bangun pg..rase da xmo bgn da..nk smbung tido je lg..hahaha..

p/s : when will A.J gonna be my sleeping patner plak..no need many pillows if he be my sleeping patner..ahaks..i gatai u..