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Sunday, November 8, 2009

effect from taking hormone pills..

my doctor asked me to complete the pills..pill hormone ma..for my period..since i'm taking the pills..my napsu makan makin menaik..wah..i cannot makan ckt2 tau..kalo boley nk amek byk2..tu pon still xrase full lg perot nih..huhu..are those hormone pills gives that kind of effect..???..i tertanye2..inform me!!..i need to know..urgent..

this the box..

the pills..

in my view..damn those pills!!!!..i nk kurus x jd la nk kurus da..mne x nye..napsu mkn menjadi2 tau..but..what can i do..i need to complete it..for the sake of my health..huhu..after finishing it..i can continue transfoming to be kurus rite??..huhu..