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Saturday, November 14, 2009

coklat cake and meggi..

since i start taking those hormone pills..aiyoh..my selera mkn sgt la hebat..kek coklat, i eat for myself je tau..meggi, i eat 2 packets in one time..hebat kan..kan2..huhu..

byk kn??..meggi kimchi fleber plus megi kari fleber..byk tu kn..kombang abes megi tu..at last, i just eat for 2 or 3 forks only..ahaha..membazir sungguh..napsu nk mkn je kuat..but then mkn sikit gak..rezen is..that megi tasted suck..huhu..

look at the missing part of the cake..i eat those part juz for a few minit..then i stop eating it..coz i feel so full by that time..after 15 minit..i continued eat it..the cake so moist..the topping so very the coklat..tebal plak tu..lazat..rm10 only..A.J belanja..bought it at kedai mkn that near to the danau kota(up town)..

sedap kan..yummy..

in my view..i rase2..not because of that pills make my selera mkn so high..the reason is..because of now is exam period..and i have to face 2 paper in a day..so..many chapters need to study..i feel so much pressure..pening2 lalat..in conclusion..a lot of study make u feel wants to eat alot..hua2..the end..