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Monday, October 26, 2009

women's problem..

last 2 weeks..i see the doctor for my discharge problem n period problem..she gives me 3 kind of tablets..antibiotik..plus tablet for discharge and hormone..then..she ask me to come see her back today..

i told her that my discharge is ok and i am period now for 3days..then she give me another tablets for hormone and i need to finish it for 21 days..pergh..susah nye kn jdi perempuan ni..lg2 kalo ade problem hormone nih..so she add more that i need to see her again after the next period come..kne jmpe die lg..adeh..ponat tau..da la die tu foreigner..xpndai la nk speaking2 ni..

the kotak
the tablet..need to take 2tablets for 2times per day for 21days..hermm..

so..in my view..for those women n girls out there..if u have any problems that related to your private part..please la..see the doctor..ASAP..ok!!!..if xdtg period for many months pon..g je jmpe doctor..the important is..if u feel that u sick..quickly see the docotor..doctor will give u the suite medicine for you..done be ashamed to see the doctor..kalo malu pon..mntak la doktor perempuan k..