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Tuesday, October 20, 2009



last week..i put some inai on my footnail..the inai cost me rm6..i like the color..but A.J does not like me with inai..he said"kalo ye pon esok nk Deepavali..xkan la smpai nk pkai inai gak kot.."i reply"nape pon..salah ke??"

last sunday..i just stay in my room..finishing my saimen..not eating for the whole day..suddenly i sow the kupon of domino's pizza..so i ordered using the kupon number pd8..

the food

ciken paperoni with double cezzee

supposed ciken wing but i got ciken stikk..sedap..

the result..burp..

i need two days to finish the pizza..huhu.

in my view..those thing that happen made me somehow feel hepi..huhu..hidup ini mesti enjoy!!!