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Saturday, October 24, 2009

improving my english skills..

today i go to jj wangsa maju..
first in my mind i need to buy a set of twilight novel..but it does not available anymore.upset me..
so..i change my mind to buy a novel..the new arrivel one punyer..

the novel(cantik kan cover die)

the novel cost me rm39.90..nguah2..reason why i bought this novel coz i felt that my english does not good enough since i was an iium student for this 4 years..ngeh2..terok kan..vocab pon x cukup..apetah lg nk speaking..pergh..lancar tu lancar la..tp grammar nye..pergh..org kate boley tahan la "power" nye tuh..huhu..

ni plak comment of my i.o lect on my answer paper of mid term nye exam..

this also one of the reason why i bought that novel..huhu.. my lect mr. ishtiaq houssen..(orang bangladesh)..who inspired me to read any english book to improve my english..many tips he give to us..this was one of the tips he gives..i wish that i become an istiqamah in reading those english book..ngeh2..